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Welcome to the Sales Fundamentals workshop. Although the definition of a sale is simple enough, the process of turning someone into a buyer can be very complex

. It requires you to convince someone with a potential interest that there is something for them in making their interest concrete – something that merits spending some of their hard-earned money.

This workshop will give participants a basic sales process, plus some basic sales tools, that they can use to seal the deal, no matter what the size of the sale.

A Basic Opening for Warm Calls

·         Your general appearance: how you dress, personal grooming etc.

·         Your facial expression and bearing.

·         Your posture.

·         Your tone of voice

·         Your nonverbal communications: eye contact, nodding, etc.

None of this means that you should pay any less attention to the verbal factors. Pay attention to the language that you use, and ensure that it is appropriate for the circumstances.

Common Types of Objections

Here are some of the real reasons why people are unwilling to make a purchase:

·         They don’t have the money.

·         They can’t get financing.

·         They can’t decide on their own.

·         They think they can get a better deal from someone else.

·         They’re not sure your product will meet their needs.

·         They think your product is overpriced.

·         They want to shop around.

·         They have an established relationship with another vendor.

Warming up Cold Calls

An opening statement should include:

·         A greeting and an introduction

·         A statement about the prospect

·         A statement about the benefits of your product

·         A question or a statement that will lead (you hope) to a dialogue

Here is an example:

 “Hello, this is John Jones at Solar Solutions. I saw in the paper that you’re planning a new office building in IAPPD. Our company has a product that can cut your heating and cooling bills in half. Have you considered adding solar panels to your building?”

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